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Forensics offers a smörgåsbord of events. You can be in one of the many forms of debate, choose to stick to one of the speaking categories, or be a performer in the interpretation/acting events. With so many styles of competition to select from it is understandable how a person can become overwhelmed.

Often, you hear of tales of speechies who have attempted to compete in every event at least once—just for the experience. How admirable! Personally, I stuck to HDA and Prose because I loved them. I learned as much as I could of the other events; even student coached a few, but I could never leave the categories I had been drawn to from the start of my speech involvement. I am therefore in awe of those who can slip in and out of various events and have no qualms because of it.

However, if you decide that you wish to be a participant in every speech and debate event I must offer caution. Choosing to switch from one event to the next is problematic in terms of success. Unless you are truly gifted and can master an event in a short period, I would wager the odds of you breaking decrease with every week of the season that passes. At the beginning is when people are getting their speech legs and testing new categories and pieces. As the season progresses people have buckled down and are now mastering their material. Despite how exhilarating Forensics can be, the ultimate goal is to break. Forensics is a competition and although we all like to say we are there 100% for the enjoyment, it’s a lie. Some part of you wants to win. Otherwise why practice for hours and strategically plan your next performance? Besides, what are the odds your coaches are going to allow you to jump from one event to another, offering no team points because you are new to that event, while a speechie who has been training diligently to win awaits to compete? From a strategic outlook, I say no chance!

Might I suggest that if you truly do wish to experience every event WHILE actually competing for the win that you follow this plan:

If you are allowed to be double-entered use one entry for your solid, I-might-break selection and the other entry slot to test new events and see if any category catches your fancy enough to master.

This way, you bring a competitive edge to the tournament while being allowed flexibility to try new styles of competition. It will please your coaches that you wish to expand your competitive range while bringing your team closer to the win because you stuck with an event. It is a win-win for all involved!

What's HDA?

Oh, HDA stands for Humorous Duet Acting. Illinois likes to seperate the humorous and dramatic pieces (like we have humorous and dramatic duet acting, humorous and dramatic interp...all as stand alone events). We also do Original Comedy which I have never heard of in any other state. Radio Broadcasting is also a standard event.

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