signs of a debate talent or?

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I haven't been in a debate team for 12 years now. I am thinking of just participating in the debate team of my former community college for fun and to just build new skills. I have a friend that I am inviting to join me on it. I have the impression she'd be good for it. When we talk, she seems to show signs that she might be a good debater if she chooses to join the team. But she seems to doubt it. She just tells me, "really?" One time she had lots to say about one of the current events that were going on a few months ago. I decided to tape it and let her hear it, cause then maybe she's not aware of her potential. Of course I am just guessing. So I want to share it with you guys, I pasted a video of our recorded conversation below, listen to what she has to say, I want to see what the consensus of opinion is. Does anyone think debate might be a talent she has that she can utilize if she steps into the debate realm? If a yes answer becomes the common answer here, I will play it to her and see what she says.

Please remember that I am not asking of whether you agree with her views or not. I just want to see if I am right in assuming that debate involvement is a skill that she is not aware of

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