Separation of humorous & dramatic performances?

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I'm just curious on how people feel about mixing the two types of duo/duet performances. Some leagues keep the two as separate categories, others don't. Do you think that can create an unfair bias towards one type of performance? Or do people adapt to do dramedies in such situations (that I don't know because IL keeps humorous and dramatic duets as separate events)?

Wouldn't judges find the criteria to comparing a humorous piece to a dramatic one conflicting? I know in theory it's mostly the same, but I would think it would be challenging to decide if a Monty Python based duo is "better" than an Angela's Ashes sort of story.

I'm guessing this is just me.

I used to compete in Illinois, and they kept the two separate. I kind of liked knowing my HDA didn't have to go against a DDA about death. And I knew I was going to laugh going into a round!

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