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I'm a new coach's daughter and there are some events that we have never encountered before. One such category is Radio Broadcasting. I know the basic idea, but I'm not really sure how it works or how to help someone practice for it. Any suggestions or information?


The general gist is:

-given the set of newspaper clippings, to create a radio script that can be given in 5 minutes exactly (this five minutes is based on Illinois rules, which I am familiar with, your state might vary)

-the script generally reads an introduction (which might include a teaser of the headlines), the news stories (national, state, and local combination), a commercial, sports stories/scores, weather forecast, and a conclusion/sign-off

-you are encouraged to use a stopwatch (PLAIN STOPWATCH - no phones are something with bells and whistles that could get you disqualified at a larger meet)

-judges are looking for annunciation and volume (AKA, they must understand what you are saying), smoothness and flow to your presentation, a distinct voice with some personality, commercials are preferred to be given with a slightly different tone to the rest of the "broadcast" (to differentiate), try not to rush when speaking

-just an FYI: you might have to perform with your back to the judge; some schools have you speak into a microphone in a separate room from the judge with your performance being fed to a speaker into the judge's room

-it's good to have an idea of how long your intro and sign-off takes - this way you can help accurately time yourself while in a round (and know when to omit things if you know you will be running over time)

-to create your Radio book, some schools take a manila folder and put a few strips of double-sided tape inside to hold the news stories; use a ruler (flat or architect (the triangular shaped one) to quickly tear news stories from the paper, that way scissors are never needed! Then take the stories and stick them in the folder in the order the performer needs.

-in the 45 minute prep time, after the book is completed, PRACTICE! Have a few things you can cut at anytime (unneeded filler) in order to make the 5 minute time limit, while ALSO having a few extra pieces on hand in case rushing does happen and you need a little filler. Basically, be a boy/girl scout and always be prepared for anything!

-to help someone practice, I would suggest treating the coaching session like a round and have the student prepare a piece (you might have a slew of things already cut for them to choose from to save time) and then perform it like you would at a meet. Take notes and then go over them with the student after their performance.

-Finally, I would read-up on the specific rules for Radio in the league you compete in. Below is the link for IHSA's rules for Radio Broadcasting (page 15) just to give you an idea of what to be looking for in a great Radio performance

Thank you so much for your help!

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