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I am an Extemper, and I was qualified to participate in the 2015 National Speech and Debate Tournament.
This season I started filing electronically, and I recently discovered Prepd (
I signed up as a free user and so far, it's great Extemp software.
As a free user, you can only "catch" up to 25 articles per month.
The price for unlimited articles per year was $60.
Since I don't need Prepd that long, I contacted Prepd if I could pay monthly and they said I couldn't.
So, should I just pay the $60 or should I just go with the long way?
I don't know if I should pay the $60 for something I will use for a couple of months.
Please reply!

That sounds like a personal choice. Are you going to compete in Extemp for a few years? Do you need more than 25 articles from there, or can you round out your resources by looking elsewhere? Are their articles that good, or is it more convenient for you? I think a pro/con list would be very helpful to you!

I can't tell you yes or no on this one, unfortunately :(

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