Practice Runs

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A great way to warm-up for a round is to do a practice run. By doing this you warm-up your voice, get your blood flowing, stretch your face, and refresh your brain for what you are going to do. This also helps to get your focus, and focus is what makes great performances.

This does not have to be a full-out rehearsal. Mouthing the words under your breath while doing the facials and gestures can be all you need. Even a speed run can suffice depending on how much preparation you need preceding your performance. If you are in Duo, a speed run is possibly one of the best ways to warm-up for a round (you really have to be aware of what is happening and what “the other” is doing). Also, working on a trouble section instead of going through the whole piece is often the best process for a quick practice. Basically, it comes down to what you feel uncomfortable with and what you need to focus on.

I also find that locating a private spot of wall to use is great for warm-ups if you are in an individual event. This blank space of wall can be your best friend. It gives you an “audience” and thus a place to address your piece. It also keeps you from looking inadvertently at passerby’s and weirding them out!

Remember, athletes stretch before a game to be prepared, so why wouldn’t a speechie warm-up before giving a performance? Getting in the zone is important for any competitor. Do what you need and what you feel is best for your performance, but practice runs really are the best way to enter a round with your game face on.

I definitely agree that you should warm up. But I would do it once before the tournament, not before each round...unless that is what you meant

I don't know...doing a quick run-through before each round sometimes helps me focus and calm down. I also wouldn't do a full-out performance, but just go over a few parts.

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