POI Piece?

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I'm just starting to prep for my first POI piece. I was thinking about focusing on the intersectionality of being Black and a woman. Any ideas about prose, poetry, or drama that I could use? Also is this a good topic or is it too cliched? How do I find good pieces that are eligible to compete with? (All my favorite spoken word favorites are on Youtube.) Thanks!

I would seriously love to tell our that this topic is original, but I need to tell you the truth. I watched all the POI rounds at NSDA nationals from octofinals to finals (because my captain made it to finals last year). Almost every African American girl that went to perform (and there were many) had that exact topic. So, I don’t see a problem with you using it to your advantage, but something tells me that there is this deeper topic that you could find that not only encompasses being a black woman, but also something else. Although, I don’t think a better topic could ever come from me because it has to come from you. I hope I have an answer that wasn’t too mean or anything, I just want to tell you what I know.


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