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Hello everybody! I joined this forum with the sole intention of finding the right book to cut into a DI. Dramatic Interp is an event I have always pictured myself excelling in, but have yet to find a character I love enough to portray. I need someone, preferably a female, that encompasses the beauty of the human spirit. My novel has to be powerful, possibly heart-wrenching, realistic, yet positive. I am not afraid of portraying harsh stories, but the focus should be on positivism, strength, and perseverance, rather than "oh poor me". I am willing to get creative, and certainly willing to work, so do not hesitate to suggest any type of book or subject. Please please please help me out by suggesting absolutely anything. I greatly appreciate the help, especially from fellow debaters. Thank you!

That's a tall order! Especially when this can be such a personal, opinion based choice. I do suggest reflecting on books/stories you have read in the past. You might have something there, but just haven't thought of it.

Here are some suggestions though of stories off the top of my head:
The Scarlet Letter
The Night Circus
The Silent History (though written as an ensemble of "interviews," there were some interesting female characters here)
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Memoirs of a Geisha
The Book Thief
The Truth About Alice
Made You Up (I think you might really like this one)

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