Pieces Like Hannibal by Thomas Harris

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Last season, I did an excerpt from the book Hannibal by Thomas Harris. I really liked playing the villan and was quite good at it. I want another piece similar to it but from what I read in the rules, I can't do another piece by Thomas Harris. Does anybody have any ideas of what I should do. It can be in any category, but I would prefer prose.

Hey, busygirl1212! First off, I LOVE "Hannibal"...really, that whole series by Harris I adore. I really wish I could see your performance. If you have a video copy, you should load it up on ForCom.

As far as recommendations go: "Notes from Underground" by Dostoevsky has an unnerving protagonist, "The Invisible Man" by H.G. Wells has a protagonist I both pitied and hated simultaneously, "A Clockwork Orange" has a disturbing lead character (and plot)...you could also look into lesser done Edgar Allan Poe stories. Shakespeare's "Richard III" would make for a good DI.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

Thank You! I'll look into those pieces.

You're welcome.

I hope some of those suggestions helped, or at least provided some good reading :)

Have you looked at Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn?

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