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Hey guys,

I am not exactly new to the debate world, I debated for 3-4 years before, (not exactly a lot either but...) I am having difficulties finding a debate partner. In order to go bigger than just citywide, I have to have a debate partner. Nobody seems interested at the moment, as my last partner quit debate entirely quite recently. I don't want to miss the next season, but everybody has their debate partners already, and there might be one person joining soon, but they won't know how to debate for quite a while yet. Does anybody have any advice? I don't want to steal a debate partner from someone else, but there is simply no other people!


Honestly, I wouldn't write off a potential partner just because they will be new. Keep looking around if you want, but also talk to the person you said might be joining. Try to figure out what their interest level is and try to determine if they could be debate. More importantly, see if they would be a good partner for YOU. Having a partner that is seasoned doesn't necessarily equate to success (there is always the possibility that you two don't work well together). If they want to partner with you, train them. You'll have the opportunity to train someone, so you two will be close and intimately know the other person's methods. This potential will also be new to debate, so they will bring a fresh perspective.

Training a newbie to debate will be an investment. They might pick it up fast, or they might need until next season to be as competitive as you desire. BUT they will get there if they work, and if you work with them.

You could also just not have a partner this season and focus on solo competition at the city level. It might not be exactly what you want, but if you really do not want to train a partner, it might be your only option.

I wish you the best of luck!

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