parakeets at 9:48?

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I heard this piece at the Yale tournament and I want to do it but I can't find it I don't have the authors name in my head rn please send help I want to do this piece

I tried looking for a script for you, but I did not find anything. The only play script that came up in the results was "August: Osage Country" because they mention parakeets, but I don't think that's it.

Can you tell me a little bit more about this piece? More of the plot? I can try again for you.

it was about this kid who had a speech problem where his mind would switch words up in his brain and stuff...he was also gay and kissed this football player who kissed back but then told him do i look like a ______ fa--ot and pushed him and his watch stopped at 9:48

I haven't found anything yet, but I'll keep searching with what you've told me.

Do you remember what event this was for? Or can you take a guess if this was a play the piece was cut from, or a novel?

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