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Is it just me or is an extemp box a humongous pain? Sure, it is your most valuable resource in a round. But the rest of the time, extemp boxes are a pain in the butt.  I come from a relatively small team so we only have 1-2 boxes depending on if a tournament divides international and domestic extemp.  Even with just two boxes it is exhausting.  Other teams that have 7 or 8 boxes, I pray for your souls (and your biceps).  Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a cart to transport our boxes with.  Some of us actually have to carry them- and when we do, it is the speech world's worst form of torture! 

Not only are extemp boxes a pain because you must carry them, there is also the matter of the endless hours you must spend finding the stuff to put in them.  Then once you find the stuff, you must read it and file it in one of your color-coded file folders.  When you pull one of these files out during prep time, guess what you have to do later? Shove it back in!  I'm not saying that an extemp box does not serve a useful purpose.  I would be lost without mine.  But sometimes I just want to kick it.  I practically cry to think that I have 2 more years of carrying that stupid thing around.  What a pain in ;)

I can't personally speak about Extemp box torture, but I did come from a small team with one Extemper and I felt for him every time I caught a glimpse of his massive box.  I carried it to the bus one day because his hands were full, and I was suddenly reminded how thin sheets of paper quickly accumulate mass when compressed into a small space.  

I heart goes out to you and all the other Extempers! 

I too have dared to carry The Box for an Extemper as a favor.  My assessment is that a majority of Extempers probably have toned arms, haha! 

So does this mean an active Humorous Duet/Duo or HI count as cardio?

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Seeing as Policy debaters often have two boxes for one team of two people, I think the extemp box is a light burden.

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