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So the new year is here and first order of business is...addressing the overused topics that shouldnt be used at all. Whether you are debating or speaking or giving a Congress speech, stay away from these easy topics and everything else will work much more favorably for you.

Top Topics to Avoid?

1)Michael Vick - its in the past...let it go
2)John and Kate Gosselin - trust me, no one cares
3)Plaxico Burress - Just another typically sports ego
4)War in Iraq - has this horse not already been beaten to death?
5)Rep. Wilson ("you lie!")- the mainstream media has already overused this
6)global warming - once again, no one cares. Actually, let me rephrase that...no one should care (just propaganda)
7)Barack Obama - seriously, he was elected president 9 months ago and everyone knows it. This isnt just old news; this isnt even news any more.
8)reality TV - everyone has quoted from this already and seriously, who hasnt picked up on the fact that this isnt really reality?

Hi. I agree with most of these topics. Like for the war in Iraq, I mean how long has that been going on? But Global Warming is at least a bit important... To me, that's one of the most important topics to talk about! Thousands of people will die from lack of food and higher food prices. Or maybe that's also a hoax. What do you think?

i agree except that global warming is rising every day. The greenhouse gases are creating a hole in the ozone layer. Do you think no one should care about weather changes? Last Thursday, it had snowed! Soon enough, the earth would be too hot or too cold. What do you think about that?

This debate illustrates why the topic of Global Warming in and of itself maybe should be avoided unless you have a creative spin. Either people believe it is a threat, or people believe it is non-existent. If your judge is in the "it's not real" camp, you could have issues. HOWEVER, perhaps focusing on topics relating to a healthy environment could be an indirect way to talk about Global Warming? For instance, if I were Steven I could focus on the food angle.

Although, I personally do think Global Warming and living "green" are issues that should be discussed because it influences everyone and the future. (Even if you do not believe in Global Warming, you have to admit that treating the environment properly and taking care if it is for everyone's benefit.) I guess it all comes down to audience, and if they will be accepting of that topic.

I like that he said it was an overused topic in student congress and now everyone's debating it! The fact of whether or not he believes in global warning isn't the point here! The point is that the topic is so used in congress that you should avoid using it as an example. The worlds full of people you're going to disagree with. The important thing to do is just listen to what he's saying overall because he's onviously been doing this for a long time and has experience behind him. Listen to the people that have done 1 catagory for a long time; they know what the judges are looking for...

I think that global warming, more aptly called global climate change, is still relevant and hasn't been beaten to death. However there aren't a lot of good ways to use it as an example, it's pretty simple for the most part so I do tend to shy away from it. As far as Iraq, you would be hard pressed to find a more modern military blunder of that magnitude. It's extremely useful right now what with the current problems in Iraq with the Islamic State, especially if you want to give some background on Middle East turmoil.

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