Optimum Amount of Characters?

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Query for those experienced in HI:

What would you say is the optimum amount of characters for a performer to portray?  Would you say this number is based on the piece, or should the cutting of the piece help dictate this to fit what works best for a performer?  Or perhaps the more experienced the Humorous Interpreation performer, the more characters (within reason)?  I've noticed that a great many of pieces utilize 3-5 characters. 


I'm merely asking so that those new to the event can have an idea of what character goal to set for themselves :)

I think it's dependent on both the needs of the piece and the performer's abilities. What I dislike is when I'm watching a piece (this usually happens in DI) and there are so few characters, or so infrequently used, that the piece looks more like a long monologue.

I think 3-5 is normal. I think...

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