Only a black binder?

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While most people use the standard 10" black binder to compete with, it is not a rule! I know it's the norm for a reason; black is non-flashy and because everyone matches no needless attention is drawn to the binder you hold.

But are there people out there who use a different type of binder? Have any of you deliberately chosen a different color for effect or does your district just use its own color? I wonder how that would go, using a new color for the spectacle and impact...any ideas? I think you would lose points.

Probably would lose points. I can picture it now, all 3 ballots saying "Get a black binder".

I agree. Even though it's not a rule, it is expected. 

I have a black & white chevron binder and I have actually gotten compliments from judges that it is new and different.

Some judges might like it, some might deduct points. To be safe, I would use the standard black binder.

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