One Long Poem, or a Collection?

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Let me be upfront and admit that I was a Prose competitor.  Thus, my opinion might count for little.  HOWEVER, I tend to prefer a collection of smaller poems instead of one long poem for a cutting.  I tend to find a collection more interesting for a variety of reasons that build on one another.  To begin, a collection mixes different perspectives, tones, and writing styles together.  This mixture allows for the performer to capitalize on these differences and offer a wider range in their performance.  Mixing poems can also work to compliment the other(s), or offer an opposition and therefore tension that might work with that particular cutting.


What are some actual Poetry competitors' opinions?  Am I completely off-base, or do you agree with some of my audience-based assessment? 

I am not a poetry competitor as well, but I like the smaller poems as well. A collection usually holds my attention better.

This completely depends on the piece and competitor involved.

Your reasons for preferring a collection are valid though and great reasons for choosing to perform a collection.

I do poetry and I'm on the fence about this. I've seen collections that I detest while I loved the longer poems that were performed. To me it depends entirely on the poem or collection you pick and how it is done. A long poem is a perfectly valid choice if it is varied enough to hold an audiences attention. But something that constantly repeats itself can be dull. On the other hand collections can be just as boring if they are saying the same thing over and over. So to me the varied tones and pace is what keeps me listening.

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