October Resolution Analysis- An Answer to Crossfire Briefs

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I just finished reading the Crossfire Brief analysis of the October public forum NFL resolution and boy am I glad it was free.

I'll start with answering the "Going PRO" section. First, although there is only passing reference to it in the Crossfire Briefs, the aff should make root cause arguments! For example, people in poverty are more likely to destroy the environment. Poor families are more likely to cut down trees in search for fuel to fire cooking and heating. People in poverty can't afford the more expensive, more environmentally friendly products. They're more likely to drive older cars that pollute more, etc.

Second, teams Going Pro need to use evidence from this years high school policy debate topic, conveniently, social services for people in poverty. Free vvidence is available at debatecoaches.org.

Third, if Crossfire is correct that the Con should be ready to debate global warming bad, then the Pro should be ready to say global warming good. There's a ton of evidence on this from last years high school policy debate topic- you can find links to citations from last year at the NDCA website.

Now, "Going CON." First, I disagree with Crossfires analysis that you should even contend with the impacts to poverty. If debates come down to which is worse, poverty or environmental collapse, then any defense the con has against the Pro's poverty impact would be a nice tie breaker.

Although I think the link is a little tenuous, global warming bad is a great impact. If the Con can win that global warming causes poverty, or environmental destruction more generally, then it will be tough for Pro to win.

Finally, my parting shot, is what about the perm? I understand that the resolution says when in conflict, but HOW OFTEN DO THEY REALLY CONFLICT? Why can't we do both, alleviate poverty and protect the environment? Maybe the way for the Pro or Con to get ahead is to contest HOW OFTEN THIS CONFLICT OCCURS!

What is your value?

Do you think poverty is more important that global warming?

I definitely think global warming is more important!

Good catch- I didn't have one!

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Thanks for the analysis!

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