NFL Wants Public Forum Ideas

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The National Forensic League is asking for all those interested in Public Forum to submit their ideas for 2010-2011 topics.  They only have one request, "idea e-mails should include a brief overview of the topic area being suggested and a list of possible resolution ideas on the topic area."  Topics can be anything "timely and relevant" to Public Forum competitors.

To see a list of archived NFL topics for inspiration, click here.

If you want to submit and e-mail to the NFL, follow this link.



I wonder if the NFL is doing this because they legit want to hear suggestions or because they have no idea what to do for PF?  lol, I still think it's a good idea.   

lol, will they do it again this year?! I like the concept of having teams everywhere involved. Although, if your topic/resolution was picked, that might give you a slight advantage--assuming you submitted it b/c you had lots of resources about it already. Interesting.

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