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The 2011 NFL Nationals is approaching its conclusion this weekend, and most of the focus has been on tourney results.  However, the NFL is also known for its quality of members.  To be a top NFL member, it is more than just winning.  Part of it is service. 

 An NFL member exercises the talents he or she has been given to provide service to his or her peers, community, and the League. At all times an NFL member is prepared to work constructively to improve the lives of others.

This past week has seen not only one National Service Project (a specific, NFL Nationals oriented service event members take part in to better the lives of others), but four.  That's right.  FOUR. 

To summarize:


This year the NFL Nationals was also host to the NJFL Nationals.  Juniors and Seniors were encouraged to judge and pass along their love of Forensics to those just beginning.

Spread the Word to End the Word

The NFL teamed up with this organization to help stop the everyday usage of the R-Word.  You can still pledge to help end common usage, or you can donate money to help the cause.  Official Spread the Word to End the Word page is linked here if interested.

Virtual Food Drive

Last year the NFL helped feed thousands upon thousands with the charitable work of members packaging food meals for those starving around the world.  This year, the food drive is virtual.  Follow this link to donate money to have meals created for those hungry in Texas.  Every $1 you spend helps make three meals.  Can't beat that.

Blood Drive

On June 17th or 18th give the gift of life by signing up to donate blood.  Contact to volunteer with the drive.  Follow this link to sign up to give blood.


And one more, because speechies and debaters are fantastic over-achievers who love to help:

Disaster Relief Fund

Although not specifically a part of the National Service Project, the Disaster Relief Fund through the NFL and the Lincoln Financial Group are accepting donations to aid speech and debate teams affected by natural disasters across the US.  The first school to receive help will be Joplin High School which was destroyed by a tornado on May 23rd, 2011.  During the week of Nationals, the Lincoln Financial Group will match every dollar donated.  Click here to read more and give!




Thanks to the NFL for sharing this information.

This is beautiful. Love to read about good will at Nationals :^)

They matched every dollar? Good stuff. Good luck to that team this season :)

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