NFL Nationals Results (07-10)

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At this year's 2010 NFL Nationals, "Jazzin' it up in the KC!," there were many surprises and changes in who placed in the top.  Though some teams and contestants can remain dominate through some length of time, Nationals is a constant reminder of the changes seen in Forensics with ever year.  No team is sure to win, no contestant a safe guess to return to the Circle of Champions.  Forensics is ever evolving, fluid, and a challenge to competitors.  There is always a push and drive to be better--not only for a personal best, but to win a National's trophy.  

So take a look back on the last four years of Nationals.  Relive the glory.  Celebrate the success of others.  And imagine YOUR name etched into History at the end of next season's passionate work.  

2007 "Over the Rainbow" NFL Nationals

2008 "Desert Lights" NFL Nationals

2009 "Stars Fell on Alabama" NFL Nationals

2010 "Jazzin' it up in the KC!" NFL Nationals


This is a great blog, it's amazing how it's such different teams finishing in the top spots each year. Thank you for sharing, Lisa!


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The Bruno E Jacob award is based on number of rounds over the years.  So when Chesterton won, they go down to zero.  You take the total from last year, add this year's number of rounds, and you get the total for this year.  That's why the list looks almost the same every year.


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so does that mean ONLY the first place spot gets reset to zero?  and by years do you mean the current and past season (2 years) or do you mean cumulative over several or even that team's entire span within the NFL years?  looks like i am going to do some research...thanks for the input though.  my team was never part of the NFL so that is interesting :)

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also, why go down to zero for the top team only...if it's cumulative?

The Bruno E. Jacob seeks to recognize teams (and coaches) who do extensively well throughout multiple years. However, it would be very anticlimatic if one team were to gain such a lead that they won the trophy again and again and again.

So this past year, when Neosho High School won, their whole team was recognized, the coach (David Watkins) received a special small trophy for being in first place and their score was reset to 0 (meaning it will be many years until they win again). My school (Parkview High School) was in like... 7th when I joined the Speech/Debate team. At the end of 2010, they ended up 3rd in line for it. In a few years, they'll win it (supposing we keep up our capacity to win... which we will).

That's why Chesterton was reset and that's why the scores remain fairly constant.

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