NFL National Service Project

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For the first time ever the National Forensic League will hold a national service project on the opening day of the 2010 Jazzin' it up in KC NFL Nationals.  NFL members, competitors, and any member of the public are invited to help prepare meals to feed the hungry in a country of need.  The NFL is collaborating with Numana, Inc. which is an international relief organization striving to reduce the number of those starving.  On June 13th, from 7 A.M. until 7 P.M., the KCI Expo Center will be the operation's headquarters.  The NFL's goal is to fix and package 1,000,000 meals for the hungry.  And they need your help! 

If you, your team, or anyone you know attending NFL Nationals is interested, please sign up for a specified time slot in advance.  NFL members who participate for one hour will be shown gratitude by being awarded NFL service points AND by being entered into a raffle for Lincoln Financial Group scholarships (scholarships for student participants only).


Final Meals Packed: 525,960

Thank you to all those who helped to feed the starving in Haiti (where the food was shipped).  Let's try for even more success at next year's NFL Nationals!

Such a good idea! I'm glad they kept doing service projects :D

I liked their follow-up of doing a food drive, but just raising money for food.

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