NFL Debate Topics (September)

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The National Forensic League has released the new debate topics.  There are as follows:

Policy Debate (2010-2011)

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its military and/or police presence in one or more of the following: South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey.

Public Forum Debate (2010 - September)

Resolved: Allowing deep water offshore oil drilling is in the best interest of the United States.

Public Forum Debate (2010 - October)

Resolved: NATO presence improves the lives of Afghan citizens.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate (2010 - September-October)

Resolved: States ought not possess nuclear weapons.


As interesting as the Policy and PF resolutions are, the LD is the most intriguing, IMO.  Why would States need nuclear weapons, and why would they have that knowledge of technology when I thought that was strictly guarded by the proper National authorities (how would they get that info)?  But hey, I'm more of an IE person and just find debate interesting!  What do the REAL debaters think?


I was surfing around and found that the LD resolution is a topic that was started 2 days ago.  So here is what those two debaters had to say.

ha, I also like how "state" was defined. I completely forgot about the larger scope of the word and took it quite literal from a definition of how America has states.  I feel rather dim about that now.  Oh, well.  Promise, I'm normally not that narrow-minded! 

In response to this enlightenment I've had, I have to change my stance and side with the con (they should posses weapons).  As much as I would love to believe in a pacifist ruled world and peace, the idea is rather too much like a Utopian society I just simply do not see happening.  Ever.  As long as greed and domination exists. 

Any thoughts on this or the other topics?



Don't feel dim.  State does have a few interpretations.  And yours certainly raises an interesting question.

Anyway, thanks for finding that debate.  I'm sure some LD competitors will find some use from it--get ideas and such.  This is a fun debate.  It's like you either side with the idea that man is good and thus should have no need of weapons because people should be able to solve conflicts peacefully, OR you take the stance that man is somewhat good and can avoid the use of these weapons most of the time BUT will possess them to use fear to keep enemies at bay and use them in extreme circumstances.  So it's idealism vs. what is (using fear/warfare for control and self-preservation and/or domination) in a way.  The only way that a state would forgo nuclear weapons is if ALL states agreed to abandon them, and even then one would have to assume that some states would hide their weapons in the off-chance that another state lied and tried to use their weapons for take over.  This is very much a vicious circle!  I can't wait to see what LD debaters have to say about this come September.  

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Is the September/October resolution for LD different from the "Fall" resolution for LD?

You know anon, I'm not really sure.  I literally just pulled this info off of the NFL website to share with all of those in the NFL.  I re-checked their site and they just have these topics up by month, not by "Fall" or anything of that sort.  If I find anything out I'll be sure to let you know!

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