NFL Alum Chris Colfer Earns an Emmy Nomination

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Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel in Fox's hit Glee, has been nominated for an Emmy award for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series!  During Colfer's NFL career on California's Clovis East High School's Forensic team, under coach MiKenda McCoy, he became the only competitor in his district to win three consecutive Valley Championships.  (He won for the events Original Prose and Poetry, Humorous Interpretation, and Dramatic Interpretation.) 

Colfer become involved in Forensics by chance.  According to an interview by NFL's Jenny Corum Billman, Colfer states it was "completely by accident."  He continues, "During my sophomore year, I had a free period at the end of the day and so I took speech and debate as an elective. A few of my friends were in there, so I joined and I stayed for the rest of high school.  Forensics was my glee club. It was the only place where I found kids just like me, where I belonged."  Thus, like many of us who found Speech or Debate it was a fortuitous encounter that developed into a passion in part because of the class of people involved.   

Colfer is yet another example of a Forensicator using their skills to etch themselves into History.  Speech and Debate can claim to have helped influence Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, James Earl Jones, Adam Sandler, Janet Reno, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, James Dean, John Belushi, Mark Boal...and so many more.  Now Chris Colfer can be added to the list of "Famous Forensicators."

Glee is just the beginning too.  With an Emmy nomination, who knows where Colfer's talent will carry him?  And for those currently in Forensics striving to pursue art, Colfer offered this bit of inspiration in his NFL interview:

"JB: I know that many of our members also want to pursue a career in entertainment after they graduate. What’s your advice to them?

CC: Never give up. If it’s what you’re meant to do, then it will happen."

Congratulations to not only Colfer but the extraordinary show Glee as well.  Thank you guys for providing a fantastic show! 

Speechies represent! 

I'm soooo happy for all of Glee.  Especially Jane Lynch.

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GO GLEE!!!  Chris Colfer, you rock!

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i just started watching glee and got to where kurt tries out for the defying gravity solo...such a great moment with his dad later! 

i love this show!!!!!!!  congratulations chris :)

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great experience, dude! thanks for this great

Articles wow... it's very wonderful report.

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