NFL 2010 Nationals Supplemental Debate Resolutions

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Information for the Supplemental Debate Event:


Prior to round one the order of which resolutions will be debated shall be released to competitors (the NFL national office will be creating the order).  The same resolution will be debated by all competitors in the round, and both debaters are required to use the mandatory prep time concurrently.  Debaters can find their sides by the tab room.  Competitors will be eliminated after a second loss; win/loss is determined by judges who mark either a win/loss on the ballots.  Note, debaters will not be given back their ballots.     


  • debate literally
  • there is no use of published materials of any sort or any prepared arguments
  • notes/outlines are okay but treat them as NOTES to deliver a more extemporaneous speech - i.e. NO FULLY-WRITTEN SPEECHES
  • competitors should "signpost, explain/warrant, and impact their arguments, referencing current fact and opinion where appropriate" (
  • time is protected with no interruptions; speeches are 2 minutes
  • proposition: affirm resolution; opposition: oppose resolution
  • focus on main points to support the argument while trying not to be too obvious


  • at the start of the round announce the resolution as listed on the ballot
  • check to be sure that the proposition/opposition are at the round and that their names are accurate on the ballot
  • DO NOT base your score off of personal opinion, rather base it on the arguments of the proposition/opposition (better supported, better argument to debunk the opponent, more persuasive)
  • if an argument is not mentioned by a debater it is not "necessarily important" (
  • declare a winner based on their argument, fill out the ballot WITH result of win/loss clearly printed, and bring the ballot to the tab room


At Supplemental Debate re-registration a list of resolutions, in the order they will be debated, will be supplied.  Only one resolution per round; not all resolutions will be used at Nationals. 

  • This House believes that “Buy American” policies are overall good.
  • This House believes that Washington is more to blame than Wall Street for the economic crisis.
  • This House believes that American global hegemony is superior to multipolarity.
  • This House believes that looting in times of economic crisis is morally defensible.
  • This House believes that professional sports organizations should permit performance-enhancing drugs.
  • This House will presume consent for organ donation.
  • This House believes that innovation works best when government does least.
  • This House believes that China's growing involvement in Africa is to be welcomed.
  • This House believes that Barack Obama is succeeding in ensuring the future prosperity of the United States.
  • This House believes that the US should abandon the war on drugs.
  • This House believes that corporations should be treated as legal persons.
  • This House believes that college football should move to a playoff system.
  • This House believes that the use of nuclear energy should be expanded.
  • This House believes that the minimum wage should be reduced.
  • This House believes that calorie counts on restaurant menus should be mandated.
  • This House believes that the filibuster is a useful tool in government.
  • This House believes that charter schools are a good idea.
  • This House believes that the US should withdraw its participation from the Middle East peace process.
  • This House believes that nuclear weapons should be abolished.
  • This House believes that the National Football League should have different overtime rules for regular season and post-season games.
  • This House believes that schools should have mandatory anti-bullying programs.
  • This House believes that video game creators should be subject to government regulations regarding content.
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