New Public Forum Evidence Briefs

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BidRoundBriefs is Public Forum Debate's newest and most comprehensive and diverse evidence file. But it's not just an evidence file - it's the topic analysis, the arguments, and the answers that you need in your hardest and biggest rounds. Research from non-conventional sources like books, which no other briefs offer, guarantee our customers will have the upper-hand in each of their rounds. Bidroundbriefs contains over 100 pages of evidence and argument analysis to give any team the boost they need to make it to the best out rounds.

As a limited promotional offer, 3P Speech & BidRoundBriefs are publishing our December briefs for free! Hurry now, this offer ends December 1st!

Visit us on our webpage and learn more about us, and download a free copy of our December briefs. We at BidRoundBriefs believe you won't be disappointed.

In addition, please take the time to fill out this short, ten question survey to help us ensure we provide the best quality briefs possible.



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This is my personal first publish and the first time I have spoken about all my worries and feelings publicly

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thanks for sharing!

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