need help finding a piece that someone did in a tournament.

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so i was in a tournament, and i saw this girl doing a piece that i'm wanting to do. i'm pretty sure i know the name of the piece, but not the author. I think the pieces name was "if only i had known". it's about a school shooting and it's a dramatic monologue of a housewife who got an alert that her sons school had an active shooter on campus, she went to the school and started searching for her son, she pulled out a picture of him and asked people "have you seen my son? his name is Andrew Simon and he's in the 6th grade". but then she found out that her son was the school shooter, and he went into the gym and shot the boys who had been bullying him, and she didn't know this was happening. I really really want to do this script, but I've tried so hard to find it and it seems almost impossible.

You don't need to concede every putt, but lean towards the liberal side of the "pick it up" spectrum. Other winter rules to keep in mind: in the fairway, you can roll the ball; play out-of-bounds as lateral hazards; you can move the ball off a tree root; if you put it in the water, drop on the other side of the hazard. The difference between a leisurely round of golf and tournament play is stark; at times, it feels like it s an entirely different game. The pins aren t accessible. Those tee boxes that seem miles back? That s where you ll be teeing off from. Instead of jokes and breezy conversation, the mood is tense. Oh, and a tap-in putt seems a hell of a lot father than two feet.

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