Need Help Finding A DI Piece

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Can anyone help me find a DI piece? I am a male performer who loves to work on Speech things on my free time, but I need help finding a good piece. I want something controversial, and would like any suggestions you may have! I am not too good at character pops, so I would like something that would be very mostly narration. Thanks for all your help!

"Im not okay" by Bradley Walton. I did it this year it was fun

look at Jenny Lawson's book Furiously happy. I took a couple of chapters out of it. Its serious but hilarious and talks about mental illness and you can flex the gender very easily

I did very well with it, placing third my first time doing the event with that piece

I would suggest looking at the selection of pieces in the “Fast Horse Plays” in picket fence forensics. I own round 6 and it is amazing. Round 4 and 5 aren’t as good as round 6 but they still are good

Curious about Furiously Happy, @eraine. How were you able to cut it so that there was a story arc? I'm struggling with keeping it from sounding like declamation...

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