Nationals’ Top Ten Teams Since 2005

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Ranking well and breaking during the speech season is a source of pride. Given how many competitors there are per tournament, being a part of those six is incredible. Being listed as one of that season’s top ten teams is beyond accomplishment. To be a member on that list means having beaten out teams from across the entire nation. Think of that and try to grasp the significance. It’s extraordinary.

What would be even more extraordinary would be to have consistency in making that list. To continually excel above national standards…fantastic. I have taken the liberty of getting the lists of the top ten teams since 2005 (excluding 2006; for some reason the National Forensics League has not posted them). Below are the lists and an analysis of the results.

2005 Results:
Winner: Eagan HS, Minnesota 1197
1. James Logan HS, California 1193
2. Sioux Falls Lincoln, South Dakota 1141
3. Munster HS, Indiana 1126
4. Albuquerque Academy, New Mexico 1077
5. Brookings HS, South Dakota 1048
6. Appleton East HS, Wisconsin 1041
7. Neosho HS, Missouri 1040
8. Holy Ghost Prep, Pennsylvania 1012
9. Springfield Parkview, Missouri 999
10. Plano Senior, Texas 992

2007 Results:
1. 1330 Sioux Falls Lincoln HS SD
2. 1246 Munster HS IN
3. 1196 Albuquerque Academy NM
4. 1184 Neosho HS MO
5. 1162 Plano Sr. HS TX
6. 1157 Appleton East HS WI
7. 1151 Parkview HS MO
8. 1146 Holy Ghost Prep PA
9. 1143 Lincoln East HS NE
10. 1138 Chesterton HS IN

2008 Results:
1. 1298 Munster HS IN
2. 1291 Neosho HS MO
3. 1260 Albuquerque Academy NM
4. 1250 Lincoln East HS NE
5. 1247 Chesterton HS IN
6. 1225 Parkview HS MO
7. 1221 Appleton East HS WI
8. 1215 Plano Sr. HS TX
9. 1186 Holy Ghost Prep PA
10. 1111 Regis NY

2009 Results (Audited):
1. 1378 Chesterton H.S., IN
2. 1376 Neosho H.S., MO
3. 1360 Lincoln East H.S., NE
4. 1292 Parkview H.S., MO
5. 1291 Appleton East H.S., WI
6. 1288 Albuquerque Academy, AZ (Editor's Note, Albuquerque Academy is in NM)
7. 1270 Plano Sr. H.S., TX
8. 1268 Holy Ghost Prep, PA
9. 1195 Regis H.S., NY
10. 1189 West HS-Iowa City, IA

This season’s top team, Chesterton HS, has steadily been rising through the ranks since 2007 when they placed in 10th. Chesterton then ranked 5th in 2008. This year’s 2nd place team of Neosho has had more consistency having ranked 7th in 2005, 4th in 2007, and 2nd in 2008. Perhaps next year will be the one where Neosho takes first?

Other teams that continually rank on this list and who prove to be a threat are Munster HS from Indiana, Albuquerque Academy of New Mexico, Regis HS of New York, Appleton East HS of Wisconsin, Holy Ghost Prep from Pennsylvania, Sioux Falls Lincoln of South Dakota, Parkview HS from Missouri, Plano Sr. HS from Texas, and Lincoln East HS of Nebraska.

Actually, for the past few years it has basically been the same teams finishing in the top ten but with their rank alternating. A few schools have made it to the list and not ranked again (James Logan HS California, Brookings HS South Dakota, Springfield Parkview Missouri); although that is not to say they do not offer competition! Also, this year introduced a new competitor in 10th place finalist West HS-Iowa City, Iowa.

And who knows what next season will offer? From what these lists illustrate to us, in the speech world success often is linked with consistency, so those teams that ranked once might very well be back again next season.

However, there is hope for schools that are constantly out-ranked by these current Titans. Regardless of how wonderful a coaching team may be, talent is talent and with every graduation, the current talent pool is leaving. Yes, fresh blood might be as potent as the college-bound, but novices are not as seasoned as varsity, for obvious reasons. So chin-up everyone! Healthy competition is good for the spirit. Next season might be your turn to rank in the top ten.

Although my team was certainly never in the running for this top award, it always amazed me how these teams could consistently pull out four digit numbers each and every season.

I apologize fully to Munster HS of Indiana for my monstrous typo of the 2009 Top Ten Teams List. The list should read:

1. 1378 Chesterton H.S., IN
2. 1376 Neosho H.S., MO
3. 1360 Munster H.S., IN (CORRECTION)
1360 Lincoln East H.S., NE
5. 1292 Parkview H.S., MO
6. 1291 Appleton East H.S., MN
7. 1288 Albuquerque Academy, AZ (NOTE: although the NFL lists this school from AZ, the author of this article feels it is a typo and the Academy is from NM)
8. 1270 Plano Sr. H.S., TX
9. 1268 Holy Ghost Prep, PA
10. 1195 Regis H.S., NY

Munster tied with Lincoln East for third, and West HS-Iowa City, IA did not make the list.

I apologize for any confusion this might have caused.

I can confirm albuquerque academy is from new mexico

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