Most amount of work?

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The other day, I was thinking about the many different speech categories and came upon a mental quandary: Which event requires the most work from a competitor outside of the competition?

The interp events require a lot of performance and blocking time. Poetry and Prose is tough enough just finding a piece that will keep an audience entertained for ten minutes. Oratory is tough because it requires a lot of time for writing and performance. Duo is difficult because timing must be achieved by two people and with two people. So what are your thoughts? What event requires the most prep time? The reason I didnt include extemp and impromptu was because they dont require much time outside of the tournaments. But, if you disagree, state your case.

I dunno...I know quite a few extempers who take a lot of time to get their boxes updated and in order. They also take time to stay current with news events.

Truthfully, I think every event is time consuming and hard for their own reasons. Even impromptu! I couldn't do that event well. Not at all.

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