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How protective do you get with your Forensics materials?

I remember when I was competing I decided to try out Poetry.  Our team was short a Poetry reader and I had never done it.  It just seemed like the smart decision.  I only competed in Poetry a few tournaments, by then we found someone who really wanted to do the event, but there was one tournament I nearly flipped out when my book went missing.

By missing I mean a teammate had thought it would be clever to snatch my book and relocate it.  This was during awards ceremony.  Our team was sitting in the back of the cafeteria the host team was using, and when I came back after winning a medal for a non-Poetry related event I didn't notice anything.  I was very elated over the medal.  As we were packing up to leave at the ceremonies close BAM! it hits me--my book is not where I left it.  I glanced all over the table top; even checked under the table.  I turn to the guy siting next to me, panic stricken, and asked as calmly as possible, "Have you seen my binder?"  The guy at first says "no," sees my anxiety, and then says "here" and hands me my book. 

I grabbed that book and hugged it.  My teammate explained he hid the book under his jacket while I was getting my medal because he thought it would be hilarious to watch me search for my book.  I explained how wrong he was and how important this tiny binder was to me.  At that point I had spent so many hours on that binder that the idea of having to re-do everything was impossible.  

Plus, after some time I think Forensicators get attached to whatever it is they use in competition.  Prose/Poetry people have their binder.  Extempers have their tubs.  Et cetera.  These things become a part of us.  Not only is it the time invested into the object, but the bond you make with the content inside.  It means something of sentimental value.  

Or maybe I'm slightly mad?  Poetry, Prose, Extempers, anyone who has a similar story, please share!  I cannot be alone in this.

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No, I completely agree with you.  I do Prose and there was one tourney my brother hid my book while we were waiting for breaks to be posted.  I had a feeling he hid it because that binder is my baby, I would NEVER leave it behind, and my brother has been known to be a prankster.  As soon as I noticed my book was gone I stomped straight up to my brother and demanded to know where he hid my book.  After he gave it to me I proceeded to lecture him on the importance of this book and how much time was invested in it.  My lecture even included an analogy of him and his Playstation, haha!  He got the message, but he did look at me like I was crazy for getting so protective over a binder with some paper. 


can't say that i have ever had anyting like this happen to me, but i'm sure i would react quite the same way you guys did!

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