Looking for fun constructive team building games.

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So me and a fellow varsity member of my team are hosting a sort of debate oriented TEDx talks to get novice opinion on various plans a group of us have been working on. We would need at least 3 games between each talk to keep up positive attitude yet not too competitive to cause tension due to the very competitive nature of the team and that there is already conflict within the novice on in class rounds on a who won what.

That sounds like a really fun idea!

Check out these resources. There's way more out there on the web...these are simply ones I've bookmarked for finding games/activities to play with my students in the past.

Freeze is always really popular. "Pat on the Back" is a positive activity that might work with your goals (under the team building link). If you're just looking for games, maybe try playing a classic like Head's-up Seven-up if time allows?

Best of luck!



Yesterday at our competition, we were at a private school that prohibited cell phones in the dining hall. So, with the whole team around the table, we played 'The Movie Game.'

Basically, one person begins with a movie in mind. They give the group the genre, and first letter of every word in the title. For example, for 'The Hunger Games', they may say "Teen action, T H G." (Words like the, of, a, and, etc. can be listed. TV shows could also be use, but it has to be stated.) The other members will guess, and only after someone guesses can they ask questions about it. The winner gets to pick the next movie. This helped break the ice on our new team and create a strong bond!

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