LDers debating policy resolutions?!

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Recent LD resolutions and debaters surprise me. As an outsider, who's really only experienced in policy debate, it seems like the only difference now is individual versus team debate. Proliferation on wmds, economic sanctions? These are old college and high school policy resolutions! Which leads me to my question...given how much LD is becoming policy, i even hear people are running disads, counterplans, and critiques, why don't LDers seek help from policy debate? At the Mean Green Workshops this summer the LDers debate economic sanctions, a topic that at least half of the policy staff were directly involved in! I've only had two LDers ever ask for help, and one of them later cleared at the TOC and now debates policy at the University of Minnesota. Are LD and policy so specialized that one can't help the other, or vice versa?

I think LD would be much better if it stayed away from policy and kept arguments completely on the level or moral analysis. Besides, isn't that what the Lincoln-Douglas debates were all about?

maybe you're right, i dont know enough about LD to say for sure. I know a lot of policy people probably think it's a natural, inevitable change for the better. but to me, there's still the question of what to do now!

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You are completely correct. We should stick to the arbitrary guidelines of "tradition" simply because that is always how it has been. How DARE debaters steer away from the traditional concepts that the original Lincoln-Douglas debates were founded on? I saw a round the other day where the debaters were less than 30 years old, were debating about something called a "resolution" as opposed to debating on slavery, did not follow the traditional 1850s time limits of 60-90-30 minutes, and the winner DID NOT go on to become the Illinois senator! I was appalled! Clearly, because tradition is so valuable, these debates that have steered sooo far from the TRADITIONAL Lincoln-Douglas debates are just awful and pointless.


Or maybe I'm wrong and tradition isn't all that important...

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