For the Ladies: Tournament Make-up?

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Looking your best at a tournament is much more than offering a solid performance for your audience--though that should be the main point!  Unfortunately, dressing inappropriate can lower your rank in a round if a judge finds it gaudy, too sexy, shabby, and consequently distracting (this is a great article on how to dress!).  Your attire is a reflection of self, and looking like you do not care tells your audience exactly that.  You do not have to dress like a drone for a Forensics tournament, but you better look good and professional.  

For most ladies, part of this "Speech Look" involves make-up.  Cosmetics have been a part of society since the Egyptians.  It isn't going anywhere.  That does not mean that you have to wear make-up, but as most girls do it is reasonable to assume that a majority of us wear it to tournaments as well.  What defines "Tournament Make-up" though?  If you ask around, or even observe at a local tournament, "Tournament Make-up" can mean a lot if things.  

Some girls swear by going au naturel.  Usually this means some blush, natural color eyeshadow, and that's about it.  Maybe, maybe mascara for the eyes and some compressed powder to even out skin tone if blotchy.  The rational is that the judge and audience should be focused on your performance and not how well-done your make-up is. 

Others think a bit of make-up is perfectly fine.  In fact, they use it to enhance their performance.  These girls might apply some light foundation, powder, blush, natural eyeshadow colors (maybe even slight color to match their outfit *gasp*!), mascara, and maybe some eyeliner.  Never going overboard, but definitely making-up your face, this type of cosmetic use can certainly draw focus to your eyes and give you an overall polished look.  I personally fall into this category.  When I competed, I wanted to look my best at competition.  Plus, a little bit of make-up gives me a boost of confidence.  And there seems to be a love-hate relationship happening with eyeliner for tournaments.  I am all for it.  My eyes look best with some eyeliner, and as I want people to be drawn to my eyes while performing (lots of emotion there) I certainly take advantage of how a tiny bit of eyeliner makes my eyes POP and allows for them to be defined and easily seen from a distance.  Cheating?  Hardly.  Taking advantage of a product available to all?  Most definitely.  

What you should never, EVER do is look like you are going to a party.  Glittery colors, neons, raccoon eye type make-up is grossly wrong.  You want to look professional, not like you are going dancing once the awards ceremony is done.  This applies for face make-up and for your nails.  Obnoxious nail polish is as annoying and distracting as bad face cosmetics.  If you ever question your look, or people give you weird faces, then you're doing it wrong!  Re-think your make-up.  Tone it down.  Further, excessive use of perfume falls into this category of too-much.  One spritz is all you need.  No one, male or female, should smell like the inside of their perfume/cologne bottle!

So what do you gals out there suggest?  What are your make-up techniques and regulations?  Why do you follow these stipulations; personal reasons or unspoken rules from where you compete?  Is eyeliner such a terrible thing?  And should you or shouldn't you exploit cosmetics in a tasteful manner to bring out your best features or highlight your eyes for performance?         

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i tend to wear minimal make-up with natural colors.  usually it's just eyeshadow and mascara and a bit of blush.  then again, i wear glasses so i feel kind of hidden anyway.  and i'm lazy at 6 AM  :D

I too am lazy at 6 AM, lol

So I usually end up going with the basics in toned down colors.

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