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I'm doing a poetry piece of girls who are insecure due to domestic violence and now think low of themselves. It's a pretty cliche idea but the poems are GORGEOUS and magnificent. I guess you could say the idea is cliche but poems are so beautifully written that you won't pay attention to how cliche it sounds. It really doesn't sound cliche. But anyway, I need a really good intro to capture the audience's attention. The intro is a big part of the poem and I am SO bad at writing intros. I can't just use "girls all over the world are insecure" blah blah blah and some overused things like that, because people have heard that SO many times. I'm trying to think of a real life example I could use in this poem that no one has really heard. I'd like a quote MAYBE if it sounds good. Thanks guys!

Try to put the listeners in the girls shoes for the intro. It helps evoke emotion and makes the listener empathize with them.

I like busygirl1212's idea. You could also try a self-aware intro and point out that it is cliche that girls everywhere are insecure, but that doesn't make it any less true because everyone has insecurities about something.


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