I'm a Novice, and literally started today... I have no idea where to start, any reccomendations as a good first piece? PROSE

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I just started, and I'm focusing on dramatic prose. I'm horrible at anything funny. I was looking at The Last Leaf by O. Henry, is it any good? Any recommendations on a good beginner's piece? Any tips on where to look for pieces and how to find them? Thanks... I feel so confused as a Newbie!


I am a returning member! And I am glad to help! What I would recommend is to talk to your coach or surf the web for DI pieces. Talk to veterans, who have had experience in DI. Any more questions, reply away!


I think any piece can be good as a beginner's piece if it is 1. something you're in love with and 2. something you feel confident performing. If you love it, but feel like you're not quite at its level yet, then save it for later and keep looking for a piece that you can answer yes to those 2 questions.

I usually look through short story collections for pieces. Or check if any of my favorite authors have written short stories. OR browse goodreads.

ForCom has links to databases, and lists of previously successful pieces, all together for you to get inspiration from too. Happy hunting :)


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