I'm a Novice, and literally started today... I have no idea where to start, any reccomendations as a good first piece? PROSE

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I just started, and I'm focusing on dramatic prose. I'm horrible at anything funny. I was looking at The Last Leaf by O. Henry, is it any good? Any recommendations on a good beginner's piece? Any tips on where to look for pieces and how to find them? Thanks... I feel so confused as a Newbie!

Hi SalamiShadow, I'm not quite sure about Last Leaf, but have you seen this page.. It has an assortment of pieces.


May be helpful to find a new piece.

Best of luck as a newbie this season!

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe can be done as a beginner but is a bit difficult. I did it my first year and got quite a few awards and up to sections, so if your a committer it could be a good peice for you.

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