I'm a Novice, and literally started today... I have no idea where to start, any reccomendations as a good first piece? PROSE

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I just started, and I'm focusing on dramatic prose. I'm horrible at anything funny. I was looking at The Last Leaf by O. Henry, is it any good? Any recommendations on a good beginner's piece? Any tips on where to look for pieces and how to find them? Thanks... I feel so confused as a Newbie!

Hi SalamiShadow, I'm not quite sure about Last Leaf, but have you seen this page.. It has an assortment of pieces.


May be helpful to find a new piece.

Best of luck as a newbie this season!

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe can be done as a beginner but is a bit difficult. I did it my first year and got quite a few awards and up to sections, so if your a committer it could be a good peice for you.

My first piece is a good place to start because it really gets the gears turning in a beginner to think about character choices and character development. It’s also very dramatic in general which really helps. Originally I performed it as a DI but it could also work as prose. It’s called “The Gift of Tongues” By Tyler Freeman.

This is it here: https://www.brookpub.com/default.aspx?pg=sd&st=Gift+of+Tongues

I hope this helps, it certainly helped me :)


I also noticed that you asked where to find them. As a piece hunter myself, I can tell you the best thing to do is to go to your national tournament and watch pieces. Even if you don’t qualify it’s fun to come and watch rounds. Remember author names and search them to find more works they created. That’s for more long term goals. Short term for searching, especially for a newbie is searching publishing companies that publish good works. One great series with amazing pieces are the “Fast Horse Plays.” They have winning pieces with authors that I consistently saw at NSDA nationals. Brooklyn publishers, playscripts.com, etc. are very good places to start. Sometimes taking books and cutting them down to 10 minutes can also be effective.

~Also Payton ^-^

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