How many roles per actor?

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As someone who has only done HDA/DDA, with Duo, how many roles should an actor play? Does it make a difference between a humorous piece and a dramatic one? I would think there would be less pops in a dramatic one, but I'm not sure. Since this is something I have never competed in. Just curious! THANKS!!!!

A general rule is to keep the cast as small as possible. Too many characters and it can get very confusing as to who is who. The only duo I've ever seen do well place at State Finals with more than 5 characters would a duo of Clue.

Really depends on your piece, too. Many comedies have an abundance of characters that are there to say a single funny line and add nothing to the show. Many dramas have a tight cast of characters that are all important to the show. So a safe limit would be about 4 or 5 characters per partners. Much more than that, and you cross into the "I don't know which partner is playing this character" zone.

Hope this helped :D

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