How To Learn To Pop Well

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Hello there,
I am attending a speech camp and have cut a piece. It is a very functional script and focuses around a main character and 3-4 other characters who have additional dialogue. I need help learning how to "pop" and any advice to be given would be great! I have a lot of the phrasing down and am working steadily on adding emotion while my main drawback being the inability to pop. Thanks so much!

Hope you're having fun at camp; I mean, how could you not? :)

You might want to check out the couple articles linked to on this page:

I would also read the article about "using" props, if your characters ever hold hold anything.

Basically, start working pops slowly to get the motions down, gradually pick up speed, and REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT. It's the repetition that will get the pops to be muscle memory.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

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