How to get a script for a specific musical?

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Ok so at this arts camp I assistant directed Mel Brooks “Young Frankenstein.” Even though my main events are POI and DI I thought I would order the script and find a PDF and use it as an HI. After I found the online PDF, and after I cut it the book shipped. I had accidentally ordered the music and vocal version designed for a musical director (No actual script). I am happy with the purchase anyway, but I was wondering how to get the script. It seems to me the only way to get the script is to beg and plead to the MTI (Music theatre international) people to find out if they will lease the rights to you. Normally this is no big deal because most pieces have a clause that allows forensic students to perform whatever they want. But MTI gets to set performance costs and they build the contract with you. So I guess my question is, would performing “Young Frankenstein” be realistic? If it is, how could I get the script so I’m not screwed over. I really want to know because I love this musical with a passion.

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