How to get into character

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Hello! I have a piece that I am working on where the protagonist is almost completely opposite of me. What are some ways that I can get into character and learn to be suave!? I have no idea how to do it and I am scared that I will be put back in Impromptu if I do not do exactly as my coach is suggesting. Does anyone have any tips on ways to get into character?

I had the same problem last year. I did a clipping from Hannibal and the character Hannibal is the polar opposite from my personality. I would recommend listening to music that reminds you of the character, watching clips from movies and watching what the actor or actress that plays a character similar to yours does. What body language do they make? How do they act in certain situations? Reach deep down into yourself and see if you can find the true meaning behind the words, then convey that meaning when you speak. Do not rush; slow down to a perfect tempo so that the impact of your words can seep through your very being. I hope that helps. Good Luck!

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