Hi everyone!

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Greetings Fellow Speech Geeks!

This year I am a sophomore and it is my second year doing speech. I'm a pretty predictable person, and as such I'm sticking with the two events I competed in last year: Domestic Extemp and Impromptu. I'm looking forward to learning more about forensics from everyone on this site. Outside of speech....oh who am I kidding, I have no life outside of speech. Just kidding. Outside of speech I'm involved with theatre, I babysit, and sometimes volunteer at church. That's little ole me :)

- extemp girl

hi extemp.girl,

Extemp and Impromptu, thats a real interesting combination, quite the different categories. I give you credit for competing in two categories that are each different and quite challenging.

Welcome to the forensicscommunity! Nice to have you here.

EXTEMP.GIRL!!!! I know it’s been a few years, but are you still doing speech? Takin’ names and placin’ first in college no doubt ;)

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