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I am happy to announce that I will be going to sectionals! There are just a few problems. Voicing a male bee has been an obstacle throughout my season. Also, the blocking with the male bee as well. I have been flapping my arms as wings and my coach suggested a seductive "Pepe Le Pew" type of accent. I really want to make the top 6 of sectionals. Can anyone help this female out with HI?


Are you flapping the whole time? And like huge flaps? Or small ones? If you're doing large, continuous flaps, maybe try smaller ones as like a resting phase and then you can use your wings/arms for gestures then too? Like break out of the resting phase? I don't know your piece, so I'm sorry if that is not helpful :(

And the accent your couch suggesting that all of the time? I don't know if I would toss in a new accent now unless judges have been saying too that an accent is needed. Maybe try the accent to punctuate appropriate lines (a few) for added humor? As a female, I understand that voicing a guy can be hard...been there. I am not the best at voices, so I always kept it simple with my guys and just made sure that their pitch was lower than any other character and tried to focus on developing characterization with how they speak and deliver what they say. Like a certain character might have a particular rhythm. Stuff I could control better.

What kind of notes have you been getting from judges about your male bee? Are there any notes that are consistent? If there are, look at those and see if there are ways that you can address them.


@finalgirl101 The flaps are small for sure. My piece is about a bee falling in love with a female human. The reason why an accent is because throughout the season, judges had been suggesting to help distinguish the characters. My female has a nasally "nerdy" pitch and I have been trying to figure out my bee's voicing. Thank you for the advice!

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