Hello Prosers :)

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Hi!  My name is Lisa, and I am an alum who competed in the Illinois speech circuit (Chicago suburbs area).  My biggest achievement was getting the opportunity to compete at the Sectionals level.  In related information, I'm such a geek I took my love of Literature and became an English Major at Bradley University.

So, if anyone has any Prose questions, or even just want assistance figuring out Paradise Lost, I'm here to help!  

Not a proser, but I thought I would say hi regardless :)

Hello :^)

That's fantastic about the English major!

Hey, I'm not sure how long ago this thread was posted, but hopefully you still check it. I'm not a proser, never even seen a prose piece in a tournament. I do Duo. But my brother, a freshman in HS, is attempting to compete in Prose and doesn't know how it all works. It's listed as an oral interpretation event, with all of the other acting events, yet in every youtube video I've seen the Proser stands on stage with a binder and reads from it, doing various hand and facial gestures. Does prose involve any acting or blocking? What are some of the basics of Prose? Thank you. :D

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