Grapevine HS Tournament- The Great LD Debate

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I just got back from the Grapevine HS tournament and the LD world was in quite a a stir. Apparently during the tournament the coaches from around the area met to discuss what the "norms" covering disclosure should be.

One side was trying to push disclosure of all evidence read in debates, to be posted electronically at Debaters would be forced to post their citations or risk losing their judge preference sheets.

The other side some coached felt that a requirement was too much, that the wiki space would only help those teams with coaches who could stay up all night and work on arguments.

My side is somewhere in between. There should be norms that cover disclosure, but no one should be forced to do it. Taking away pref sheets is a bit extreme- the punishment may not fit the crime. I definitely agree with those coaches who believe that the wiki primarily helps bigger schools. Although one coach made a good point, that the big schools can access information regardless, I think this is only partially true. No school can afford to send 10 young debaters to a tournament just to scout debates and get evidence citations. This comment is only true for tournaments that big schools host. The wiki can help smaller squads, but i wonder how often those schools actually use it.

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