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Music can be a powerful mood enhancer. Listening to a particular genre of music can either get you mellow or pumped up. When I competed in HS I loved to have my MP3 player at my side for the bus ride over to the tournament. To me, taking those few moments to listen to a few of my favorite “let’s do this!” type music got me into the disposition to compete. It calmed the nerves, energized me, and got me competitive.

This is not just a speech phenomenon. Think back to anytime music has been involved in your life. People bond over it. People play it at important events (how many of you know that song used for graduation "Pomp and Circumstance"?) Since the conception of music, it has been there to set the tone and to express our inner-selves.

The next time you find yourself having a lull in tournament time, take out your MP3 and put on your favorite beat. Be it rock, rap, or instrumental, whatever works for you, put those buds in and get engrossed in your favorite jams. Hey, I’m still cranking "Eye of the Tiger" and Eminem’s "Lose Yourself" when I need some instant motivation!

Listen to Switchfoot's "I Dare you to Move" as you walk to the room of your final round...You are guaranteed to win!....please dont take this literally :)

You are also guaranteed to get to the room.

In all seriousness though, using music to get excited and shake nerves is a great idea. I've done it. Although, sometimes I prefer silence to collect myself.

For me, I listen to music that gets me into character. Last year, since my piece was dark and creepy, some of my favorites were:
1. Change- Deftones
2. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)- Marilyn Manson
3. Seven Devils- Florence and the Machine
4. Animal I have Become- Three Days Grace
5. Let It Go- The Neighbourhood
6. Finale- Howard Shore
7. Haunted- Evanescence

It helped me get into character on the bus ride to the tournament and before I got into my room.

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