Georgia Forensics Daily, Goodbye and Thank You

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Georgia Forensics Daily's Jeffrey Miller & Brandon Sheats have announced that their beloved Debate website will no longer be "actively maintained" beginning in 2010-2011.  They posted this open letter on the site (re-posted is an excerpt): 

"Beginning in 2010-2011, Georgia Forensics Daily will no longer be actively maintained.

In June 2007, I created this site with the sole purpose of increasing communication in Georgia about debate.  What I did not know was how much the debate community needed an active discussion blog about policy debate.  After teaming up with Brandon Sheats, we were able to create a national blog dedicated to this great activity.

Georgia Forensics connected a dozen new coaches, made partners outside of the community, and made connections with programs and organizations around the country. This will not end.

At the time of this decision, Brandon and I are excited about the web opportunities that are out there for the community and are excited to support our friends...And finally for our Georgia audience… you were the reason we began this website back in 2007.  As the new secretary of the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association, I promise to not give up online coverage of our activity.  Instead of having two websites about Georgia Debate, I will make every effort to include results and publicity for you and your team through official publications by the GFCA.

We will continue to keep the site up for archive purposes so you can read back through our posts.   It’s been a great three years!

Thank you!

Jeffrey Miller & Brandon Sheats"


Georgia Forensics Daily will be missed.  Thank you for creating a fantastic site.

The full letter can be found on the site's homepage.

Has anyone checked out the GFCA site to see what they have for debate?

It's a nice website for those competing in Georgia who want state specific information for ALL areas of competition. Debate specific, the site does list resolutions on the main page.

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