George Lopez?

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I realized the other day that I have no life when I started relating my life to an episode of George Lopez. At about 7 pm I finished my Honors English project, then had to do chemistry and history homework. When I was done with all of that I came down to the basement to print off extemp research and practice my prose. As I was walking down the stairs I found myself quoting George Lopez "The George who does Ernie's job is done for the day. This is all the stuff the George who does George's job has to do." If you think about it, that relates quite well to the life of a speechie. "The Paige who goes to school is done for the day, but this is all the crap that Paige who does speech has to do." I know I have no life, but think about it....admit I have no life...then I admit that I'm at least partially right.  lol. I think I'm delirious right now....

I've done this...not with George Lopez but compartmentalize my life into "this is speech me," "this is theatre me," "this is English major me" and so on.  Different hats for different jobs.  So who is more delirious?  You for doing this after being influenced by George Lopez or me for doing it on my own?  HA 

extemp.girl...that relates quite well to everyone's life LOL!

i sometimes feel that way when i'm trying to divide my life between all the major time commitments i have. it's a matter of prioritizing and deciding which wears the biggest hat (to steal from TheDoctor).

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