The G-20 Debates

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Living in Pittsburgh, the greatest city in the world, I have gotten the privilege of seeing the G20 debates and protests up close. I was with the Greenpeace, save Tibet, and legalize marijuana protests over the past few days and learned some important things. First and foremost, I cant believe the things which bring people together. Somehow, having the freedom to protest seems to be reason enough for some Americans. Regardless of the reason for each individual's presence, it is fascinating to watch angry protestors. It amazes me how protesting is one of the only forms of debate where voice means more than reason. And trust me, I saw this working firsthand. I have never seen so many armed guards in my life. From hours of analysis both yesterday and today, I think the biggest thing Ive taken away from this experience is the power that these protestors possess. To put it lightly, these people are ticked off at our government and other countries who abuse their power. And they are making their voice known. As the debates finish tomorrow, I will try to bring one final update. With that said, I would like to mention that protesting peacefully can accomplish much. But, if you are an idiot like the anarchists, then you shouldnt expect to receive anything but a night in jail.

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