The Fun Part

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When trying to recruit people for our team, the number one question I am always asked (with a slightly confused grimace, I might ad) is "What is speech anyway?" Then when I finish rattling off the descriptions of the various events and that colleges love it and that it really helped me get over my fear of public speaking, I get the "and I should do it because?" look. But what they don't know is that you can't describe the fun part. You have to experience it. The fun part is getting up on that stage at awards, and hearing your name called after everyone else's. The fun part is when you play silent football during the 3 hour wait for the scores to come in. It's the thrill of really getting into your piece. It's the 2 hours bus rides and the bonding time with your team. It's changing into pantyhose and skirts in a McDonald's bathroom at 6:30 in the morning. It's counting the curbs your coach hits on the way to and from the tournament (our record is 8) It's making new friends and learning new skills. It's all the inside jokes you'll remember until you are eighty and have Alzheimers. Above all, the fun part is when you just stop in the middle of the day and think "Gosh, I love this".
For me, the fun part even extends to when you are sitting in front of the computer on a Friday night, printing off articles for Saturday's tournament. It extends to when I have already had an 11 hour day full of competition and have to get off the bus and go directly to put on my costume and do a show.(Peter Pan, 3 hours long) It even extends to when you are going through a practice speech thinking "gosh I suck, please just let this be over". Because through the whole process, you know why you are doing it, you know that you have fun doing it, you know that you are gaining invaluable skills, and you just have that 6th speech sense that you can't even explain but somehow you know this is what you were meant to do. That my friends, is the fun part.

There is nothing quite as intense as good competition. Always fun for anyone and everyone.

I do love some good competition too!  I also love the friendships you form with your team between rounds.  Lots of games, laughs, and chatter.

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