A Fourth NFL Debate Event?

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Swift-talking and use of jargon (which could cause isolation) is becoming popular in PF Debate, causing enough to complain and cause the National Forensics League to issue change.  Today, the NFL announced plans for a fourth debate event called Town Hall Debate (think they got the name from the recent use of Town Hall Meetings Obama and Co. have been holding?).  The NFL released this statement:

"Town Hall Debate will involve two teams of four students each. Each team will be assigned to affirm or negate the resolution for the entirety of the resolution’s run. Resolutions will change every week.

There is a general consensus that debaters sacrifice common sense for the sake of strict logic in a round; this allows for scenarios in which virtually any argument can be linked back to nuclear war or a suppression of all rights. Such behavior is encouraged in a world where the judge is idealized as a passive participant in the round. Town Hall Debate will be different. Judges will be empowered to respond to the speakers, just like a real-world town hall debate. We are confident that this “heckling” will add a dimension as exciting as Public Forum Debate’s coin flip to this nascent event.

Judges will also be able to take on the role of a “moderator” during open cross-examination, in which all eight debaters are encouraged to speak over each other to simulate an actual town hall debate.

Further details will be released in this month’s Rostrum."

What do you guys think?  Yay or nay?


Thanks to Jon Cruz @VBD for posting this statement. 

I like how the NFL calls the judge a moderator and heckler without even a sentence between the labels, haha. 

So if judges are "empowered to respond" yet are hecklers, isn't that a contradiction?  Respond suggests waiting for a silent moment to give input; heckling often interrupts.  So which is it?

And it's great they can moderate 8 people talking at the same time.  Because we all know how well this works out in a classroom when 1/3 of the class all decides to share their ideas at once.  Particularly when things get heated and decorum begins to erode.  And can the judges heckle during cross-examination as well?

I am very interested in seeing rules when they are published.  Overall though, this could be an exciting event.  It could be the Maury of Forensics, haha.   

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April fools is fun.

Indeed, haha.

Rofl, was I had.  There has to be one gullible person in the bunch. 

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